Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daryl & Terra LUN Rebuild

I'm rebuilding Daryl and Terra's file storage to be safer and bigger.
Current tasks:

  • Confirm efficiency of proposed new configuration (done)
  • Confirm Good Backup (done)
  • Install SAN maintenance tools on Daryl (done)
  •  Document LUN configuration (done)
    • on terra (done)
    • on daryl (done)
  • Update SAN firmware (done)
  • Reconfigure SAN with proposed new configuration (done)
  • Mount new LUN on Terra (done)
  • Restore data to Terra (in progress) eta: Friday 12:00pm
  • Mount new LUN on Daryl (done)
  • Restore data to Daryl (in progress) eta: Sunday 12:00pm
  • Rejigger GIS share to be hosted on Terra


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