Friday, April 4, 2014

VPN For Mac Instructions

Installing and connecting to the VPN on an Apple

1) Open a browser and go to (This cannot be done from an Ecotrust network or RadioP97).

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn2.tiff

2) Change the option box from “Connect” to “Login.”

3) Type in your Ecotrust username and password, then click Go.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn4.tiff

4) Click on the link to download the mac client:

5) In your downloads folder, find the openvpn-connect- file and launch it.

6) The installer will open in its own finder window. Hold down Control while clicking on the icon, point to Open With, and then click on Installer.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn8.tiff

7) Assure your computer that you really want to open this installer. Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn9.tiff

8) Agree to be guided through the installer by clicking Continue.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn10.tiff

9) Continue through the licensing agreement.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn11.tiff

10) Assure your computer that you agree with the licensing agreement.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn12.tiff

11) And install!

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn13.tiff

12) Once OpenVPN is installed you should see the OpenVPN icon at the top of the screen, click it, and connect to

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn14.tiff

13) Just like the website, put in your name and password and click connect.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn15.tiff

14) Accept our Certificate.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn16.tiff

15) When the OpenVPN icon is overlaid with a green checkmark, you’ll know you you’re connected.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn17.tiff

16) When you’re finished using the VPN be sure to click on the icon, and disconnect.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:Openvpn18.tiff

PS: Connecting to Daryl.

If you’re new to using macs in our environment, connecting to Daryl has an extra step or two. From the finder, click on Go. Then choose Connect to Server. (You can also use the hot-key Command+K)

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:commandK.tiff

The Server Address is smb://daryl

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:commandK2.tiff

It will ask for credentials. Your username uses the format intereco\username, the password will be your Ecotrust password.

Untitled 1:Users:Administrator:Documents:commandK3.tiff

Once you hit enter, you’ll the list of Shares on Daryl connect the one(s) that you need to access, and you’re up and running.